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How Does Lactic Acid Benefit Your Skin?

How Does Lactic Acid Benefit Your Skin? The AHA you need to know.

One product to rule them all. Learn how lactic acid can bring your dull skin back to life.   If you understand a thing or two about how the microbiome functions, then you already know that the less intervention we have with its natural process, the better. And nowhere is that statement more true than when it comes to harsh exfoliators.  Whether it’s an overpowered chemical peel or a grainy rub, these types of exfoliators can often do more harm than good. The immediate effects can leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed but after time, signs of discomfort and irritation can appear. But there is a solution…and it’s lactic acid to the rescue!  What is Lactic Acid? Lactic acid...
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Acne and Your Microbiome

Acne and Your Microbiome How to fight breakouts from the inside out

Acne can give you the blues at any age and always in the worst moments. But there’s new research helping us understand the role of the microbiome. Here’s what you need to know to improve the health of your skin - and maybe even kiss acne goodbye forever.     When unwelcome visitors suddenly pop up out of nowhere, it inevitably throws our plans out of whack. Especially when those visitors come in the form of red and inflamed bumps…on your face. Acne is an absolute nightmare to deal with, and if you’ve been there, you likely have the scars to prove it.  This unfortunate skin malady has been putting the dimmer on high school dances, ruining first dates, and...
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