5 Skincare Tips for Winter Simple ways to keep your skin prepped for colder temperatures

Cold weather can give skin the winter blues. Here’s how to perk it up and keep your skin aglow.

woman in the snow

Dry, chapped lips and windburned cheeks are obvious signs that winter has arrived. But you don’t have to put on a full-frontal ski mask every time you walk out the door. There are better, more comfortable ways to protect your skin from the winter elements.


We might think that because we see the sun for fewer hours, our skin should get a break. But the winter months are actually a time for paying a little more attention to our skin health. If you live in a colder climate, this is especially true.

Along with lower temperatures, winter often brings with it snow and wind. These weather conditions, unfortunately, aren’t exactly friendly to our complexions. The cooler air this time of year is much drier than the summer months because cold air holds less moisture than warm air. That means the air around us is trying to take in moisture wherever it can find it.

Knowing how to defend your skin against the winter elements is key. Here are 5 ways that you can protect the moisture you’ve got and make sure your skin stays plump and healthy all winter long.

5 tips to keep your skin glowing all winter long:

1. Moisturize and lock it in.
Winter isn’t doing us any moisturizing favors, so it’s super important to lock in what we’ve got. This is where skincare layering becomes religion. After using a non-drying cleanser, get in the habit of applying a serum, especially during the winter months.
Layers probiotic Serum and Immunity moisturizer
Our Renewing Probiotic Serum will not only help moisturize but it’s also clinically proven to hydrate the skin by increasing lipid and protein levels. The magic hydrating ingredient in our serum is Meadowfoam Oil.  The texture mimics sebum, and because it’s rich in vitamin E, this lightweight oil locks in moisture. It balances the skin and encourages more rapid skin cell turnover, giving you softer, plumper, more comfortable skin.
Post-serum, you’ll want to lock it all in with an emollient layer. Our Immunity Moisturizer not only holds moisture behind an impenetrable layer, but it also helps protect your skin from extreme temperatures. It contains lactobacillus ferment and pomegranate and milk thistle extracts, which all help increase your microflora diversity for resilient, nourished, hydrated skin.

2. Drink plenty of water and hot herbal teas.
Hydration is an inside-out job. Your body needs water to function properly, and the same goes for our favorite organ, skin. Dehydrated skin will sink in on itself, collapsing into deeper lines, making wrinkles more noticeable. The best way to plump up that thirsty skin is to give it a drink.
table with thermos in winder
Hot summers make it easy to reach for water and keep refilling those water bottles. But staying hydrated should be your new winter hobby. If it’s cold and a glass of ice water doesn’t sound appealing to your chilly winter hands, then drink it hot. Herbal teas are a great solution. Hot lemon water with a spring of thyme or rosemary is not only good for your skin, but it’ll warm you up, too. Splurge on a cute thermos so you’re more motivated to keep hot water within your reach.

3. Use a humidifier.
When it’s cold outside, you wanna warm up inside. That means you’ve probably got the heaters on most of the time, and those devices, while keeping you cozy, are also making the air feel drier. When the air starts cold, the molecules hold less moisture. So, one way to introduce moisture back into the warm air in your home is by literally adding water to it.

If you have a large home, investing in a humidifier might be a good idea. If you have a smaller space or an apartment, there are less expensive ways to humidify the air. One option is to simply put bowls of water in a few different places and let that water evaporate. If you have pets or children, be sure to put them out of reach. If you have a fireplace or radiator, you can purchase inexpensive ceramic water holders that attach directly to your heat source, which will help the water evaporate even faster.

4. Use a moisturizing cleanser.
Switching up your cleanser to one that adds moisture to your skin is an excellent way to rebalance chapped winter skin. For this reason, cream-based cleansers are your wintertime BFF’s. The benefits are even better if you’re using a cleanser that’s formulated to lock in moisture and not strip your skin of the helpful bacteria that are keeping your moisture levels balanced in the first place.

Layers Balancing Milky Cleanser
contains a prebiotic + probiotic blend of yogurt
powder and lactobacillus ferment to support that beneficial bacteria. Lactic acid offers a more gentle exfoliation for skin that naturally encourages dead skin cells to dissolve rather than be pulled away like traditional exfoliators. It’s a non-irritating cleanser that nourishes your skin, giving it an ultra-soft texture rather than appearing flaky and dried out. 

5. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
If you think the end of summer means putting that sunscreen in a drawer, think again. Especially if you live in a climate where you get snow, it pays to keep sunscreen in your beauty routine. During the summer months, we can easily detect the angle of sun exposure on our face and body. But during the winter months, snow reflects light in every direction. That beautiful, bright white blanket of snow is allowing the sun to hit you from all angles.
A good, layering-friendly SPF applied to your face and neck (don’t forget the back of your neck) is important. Make sure you opt for an SPF that also offers hydration. We love Nuria’s Defend Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 because it contains ultra-moisturizing Peach Flower, an extract that naturally shields your skin from UV-induced damage. Plus, it helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles while it protects.

It’s important to know how to match your skincare routine to the seasons. With the right system of defense, winter doesn’t have to mean dry skin. In fact, it can actually be a time when you put in a little extra TLC. By the time spring and summer roll around, you’ll be ready to show off that glow!