Holistic Skin Care 101 How to care for all of your skin.

Skincare isn’t just about your face. Total skin wellness includes your microbiome in its entirety.

woman with tan bathing suit

If you’re a human being on this planet who has gone through puberty, childbirth, menopause, or job, school, or pandemic-related stress, then that makes you, well… human. We have all been there in some way, shape, or form. And our collective wisdom reminds us that it’s not always pretty, nor is it fun. These life events can cause major fluctuations in your hormones, and those fluctuations can have some uncomfortable side effects.

Nothing kills your confidence like a sudden breakout right before a big date or a presentation at work. Or how about that feeling when the one you’ve been crushing on for months gently caresses your back, only to remind you of your embarrassing, unrelenting bacne. Our bodies are famous for flare-ups in all the wrong moments.  


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Spot treatments are solutions for problems that already exist. It’s dabbing on a few little pea-sized globs of “overnight” acne treatment which, let’s face it, always turns out to be false advertising. It’s dipping your hands or feet into paraffin wax for a softer feeling in order to counter the dryness of working with your hands on being on your feet all week long. 

These are examples of the things we do to course-correct when our microbiome gets a little off balance. But they are all temporary solutions to bigger, microbiome-sized problems. For all-over body care, there are more holistic treatments out there that will give your entire body the attention it deserves.


If you’ve been looking for easy ways to treat yourself and your skin, outside of expensive massages or fancy spa packages, then these small rituals might be just the little self-care snacks you’ve been craving. 

  • Rub a dub dub, get into that tub
  • womans feet in bubble bath

    Remember bath time? Yea, we know we’re all busy adults and we have jobs and deadlines and Netflix subscriptions. But unwinding even once a week for a little “you” time in the tub has lots of body benefits. 

    A steamy Sunday night bubble bath with a few smelly candles and a calming playlist doesn’t just help you relax. It oxygenates your blood and improves blood flow- the steamier the better. Regular baths can also help your immunity by killing bacteria and helping you kick a stubborn cold. 

  • Slather yourself silly with a good moisturizer 
  • The best time to moisturize is, you guessed it, right after that hot bath. If you’re not into baths, apply your favorite moisturizer after you shower. The warm water helps open up your pores, allowing for deeper penetration of skincare products. The skin on your face is more delicate, so a face-specific moisturizer like our Immunity Moisturizer is best up top. For the rest of your body, look for products with nourishing ingredients like ceramides and essential fatty acids. These include ingredients like olive oil, avocado, almond oil, and shea butter. 

  • Power up your defenses with probiotics
  • An inside-outside approach is always going to be your best bet for holistic microbiome health, starting from your gut, going all the way up to your supple, glowing skin. A daily oral probiotic is key. First, it addresses any bacterial imbalances throughout your gut microbiome, offering welcome reinforcements to the good guys. Your gut 

    The beauty, and we mean that literally, of our Daily Glow Probiotic Supplements, is that they also contain ceramides. Yep, the same moisture bombs that show up in a good face and body moisturizer. So, not only are you introducing 5 targeted strains of digestive system and skin-friendly probiotics, but you’re also helping strengthen the resilience of your skin cells.  

    Now, we’re not saying the occasional massage or periodic pedicure should go out the window…nor would we ever. Those little gifts we offer ourselves are reminders to take time out and pamper our minds and bodies. But for most of us, making time every week for those occasional treats isn’t realistic, in terms of time or money. That’s why creating rituals, like popping a daily probiotic or indulging in a bath and full body moisturizing session, are so great. They’re not only easy, but they are attainable. So the next time you’re thinking “I need a massage like now!” then remind yourself of these 3 total body care tips. You’ll be surprised how quickly the benefits of these small habits add up. For a big shift in how you look and, most importantly, how you feel, these easy changes will do your mind and body wonders.