The Benefits of Lactic Acid The gentler way to soften and brighten your skin

Tired of harsh exfoliators irritating your sensitive skin? Lactic Acid is the stuff you’ve been looking for.

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Those gritty exfoliating scrubs can be very tempting impulse buys when you’re looking to level up your skincare routine. The problem with them, unfortunately, is that the level of exfoliation they offer is way too harsh. Those scrubs are much better suited for the rough skin on the bottom of your heels. Using that kind of force and scrubbing motion on your face could be doing more harm than good.


The skin on our faces is soft and delicate compared to other parts of our bodies. It’s what we show to the world, so we really want to protect it from being damaged. Exfoliators are kind of like rubbing liquid sandpaper over your precious complexion. Yes, it’ll remove dead skin cells and you’ll feel like your skin is super clean, but it’s the method exfoliators use to achieve that clean feeling that’s really the problem.

As dead skin cells loosen naturally, they can take time to fall off and make room for new cells. We want to speed up the growth of new cells, but exfoliating actually pulls old cells in a way that can irritate the skin and potentially cause damage.

We do want to help our skin shed dead cells, we just don’t want to do it with such brutal force. Our skin cells are delicate, and especially for those of us with sensitive skin, those cells certainly don’t need harsh scrubs added to their list of aggressors.

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So, how do we get that oh-so-clean feeling without liquid sandpapering our skin to shreds? We put on our gowns, walk across that stage, and graduate into the world of chemical exfoliators.


Lactic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, often referred to as an AHA. These are types of chemical exfoliators that include 3 categories of acids used to exfoliate skin: Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Beta-Hydroxy Acids, and Poly-Hydroxy Acids. AHA’s include 3 types of acids: glycolic, lactic, and mandelic. Lactic acids are considered to be the gentlest of the bunch.


Cell turnover is the continuous process of shedding old skin cells and bringing new ones to the surface; a process that slows as we age. Over the years, we want to help our skin cells shed a bit easier and faster in order to maintain a soft and even complexion. Lactic Acid achieves this by dissolving the delicate skin tissue so that dead cells naturally and easily wash away. It’s a less harsh and more effective method of shedding dead skin cells.


You’ll see softer, more even, and younger-looking skin when Lactic Acid is a regular part of your skincare routine. It helps improve your skin’s natural moisture. With continued use, it helps firm skin, fade spots, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

We developed our Renewing Probiotic Serum to speed your skin’s replenishing cycle for continually vibrant, glowing skin. Our gentle and effective serum protects healthy skin cells and increases their ability to replicate and rise to the surface. You’ll notice skin that’s visibly more plump, hydrated, and luscious-feeling. This highly concentrated, ultra-absorbing serum delivers probiotics and a few powerful extras along with it:

Layers Probiotic Serum Swatch with Ingredients
  • Lactobacillus Ferment
    Known to help repair damaged skin, rebalance skin flora, and reduce harmful bacteria growth, this protective ingredient fortifies your skin barrier against external stressors while soothing and hydrating.
  • Orobanche Rapum Plant Extract
    Well known for its antioxidant activities and biological properties, this effective extract actively protects skin stem cells and balances the microbiome.
  • Meadowfoam Oil
    With a similar texture to sebum and rich in vitamin E, this lightweight oil locks in moisture, balances the skin, and enhances the effects of Lactic Acid and Orobanche Extract for softer, plumper skin.

This Lactic Acid based serum penetrates deep within your skin's active layer, accelerating skin cell turnover while protecting your microbiome for dramatic results without irritation. For a more holistic approach to balancing your microbiome, we offer The Perfect Pair serum + supplement set. Applying our topical  Renewing Probiotic Serum nightly and our simple, once-a-day probiotic Daily Glow Supplements, you’ll have skin that’s truly the picture of health, from the inside out.