Top Skincare Trends of 2022 The 3 hottest trends in skincare this year

Skin-deep holistic health is in, and it’s all about the microbiome. 

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If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the hottest skin trends of 2022, you’ve likely been bombarded with listicles proclaiming the latest and greatest. But we’ve got something better for you. We’ve perused the top 10s and 20s and whittled them down to their roots. And what we’ve uncovered are 3 trends that are undoubtedly all you’ll be hearing about this beauty season. 


  • #1: Anti-Inflammatory Skincare

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    We’re used to spot treating our skin woes, but ultimately, it’s the day-to-day products that have the most impactful long-term capabilities to heal and maintain. So, rather than buying 20 different bottles of gels, creams, and quick-fixers, we should be paying attention to our everyday cleansers, moisturizers, and serums. They can be a lot more effective at helping us manage skin inflammation and disorders.

    To understand inflammation, we first have to know what message it’s trying to send us. If you have inflamed skin, the causes can be attributed to 5 potential issues: 

    • Infection
    • Immune Dysfunction
    • Allergies
    • Photosensitivity
    • Heat Rash
    • Sun Damage

    These root causes of inflammation trigger problems with our overall health and cause skin dysfunctions. For people with these issues, trends like Retin-A and acid peels have never been ideal solutions. In 2022, the consumers and the beauty industry as a whole are moving away from these types of treatments and opting for skin-strengthening ingredients. 

    That means treating the skin like it’s an organ (because it is). By strengthening the skin barrier function, you make your microbiome more resilient. You strengthen your microbiome by disrupting it less. So check your ingredients and try to avoid products with added fragrance or perfumes. Look for non-foaming cleansers and clean moisturizers with calming ingredients like aloe, chamomile, milk thistle, and Irish moss. Anti-inflammatory cleansers with pre and probiotics are especially effective at soothing irritated skin. Avoid harsh scrubs and peel off masks and opt instead for serums containing alpha hydroxy acids for gentler exfoliation. Vitamin C and ceramides are excellent sources of nourishment and repair for stressed skin. 

  • #2: Skinimalism
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    Not only is this skincare trend better for your microbiome, but it’s a huge timesaver! Skinimalism is basically a less is more approach to skin health. It’s a commitment to focus on skin quality, tone, and texture over the temporary benefits that concealers and foundations can provide. It’s a nod towards balance and simplicity in your skincare routine. 

    So, how do we achieve it? For starters, it’s about wearing less makeup and paying closer attention to the underlying condition of our skin. Once you’ve sussed out your skin health, then you can develop a routine that focuses on caring and repairing rather than covering up. The goal is to feel more comfortable in your skin, opting for lighter coverage to honor and celebrate your complexion.

    If you’ve got a list of clean beauty ingredients that you love, don’t fret…skinimalism isn’t forcing out any of your faves. It’s an invitation to embrace multi-taskers to help your skin and save you time. Look for products that double and triple up on their duties. Moisturizers that also help fortify your skin barrier, hydrating cleansers that balance your pH, and probiotic serums that lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles…let these be your beauty BFFs for 2022. 

  • #3 Inside-Outside Approach

  • With a trending emphasis on skin health, it’s no wonder that we keep hearing about an inside-outside approach. What does it mean? Science has shown that our skin is a trustworthy barometer of our internal health. If your skin is clear and radiant, it’s an indication that your body is in a healthy state of wellbeing. 

    An inside-outside approach focuses on barrier repair and supporting the skin’s microbiome. That requires a balancing of the skin’s bacterial microbiota rather than a stripping away of it with harsh ingredients. This has led to people leaning into the power of science, and science-driven skincare brands. The transparency from studies showing product efficacy is empowering consumers and helping them feel more confident. It’s demonstrating a clear preference for holistic skincare programs as people move toward full product lines that are designed to work in unison. 

    Studies have shown the efficacy of oral probiotics in calming irritated skin and maintaining a healthy microbiome. This helps consumers understand the link between gut health and skin health, and the impact they have on one another. Products that work in tandem like oral probiotics and topical probiotic serums are a great example. One provides the building blocks your skin needs to repair and restore connective tissue, while the other offers beneficial bacteria to your gut. Oral probiotics with ceramides and essential fatty acids are especially effective thanks to their collagen-boosting amino acids. 

    The good news about 2022’s beauty trends is that they’re actually embracing a minimalist approach that doesn’t sacrifice efficacy. They focus on who you are, encouraging you to flaunt your unique skin from the inside out. It’s an invitation to put your best skin self out there and into the world, and to feed your microbiome more of what it wants so that inflammation stays at bay. This is the year to embrace your skin holistically with an inside-outside approach. And that might be the best and only beauty advice you’ll ever need!