What is Orobanche Rapum? The benefits of using Orobanche Rapum in your beauty routine

Learn how this powerful botanical extract helps protect and replenish your skin.

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The rise of Orobanche Rapum is kind of a rags to riches story. This root plant has long been considered a pest, particularly if you’re a bush of European Gorse. Known more commonly as broomrape, this plant grows exclusively on the roots of other plants like gorse and broom, which are found in parts of Western Europe and North Africa. It’s a parasitic plant, meaning it takes all of its nutrients from the plant it grows on.

But thankfully, it’s day of redemption was coming. When the beauty industry discovered that it held beneficial properties for skin, it suddenly gained some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


Orobanche Rapum

As we age, our skin changes. This, we know; a fact we’ve been fighting longer than any of us can remember. Time, however, seems to be on our generational side thanks to scientific leaps related to aging and its effects on the microbiome.

The speed and specifics around how we age depend on internal and external factors. The star players include the cellular metabolism we’re born with, our hormones and how they fluctuate over time, the geography of where we live, age (obviously), our diet, lifestyle, and the pollution we’re exposed to throughout our lifetime.

In our quest to counteract the signs of aging, the keys to the kingdom of beauty longevity lie within the sustained health of our microbiome. Simply put- the healthier we stay, the better our health outcomes will be as we age. But nature has a few tricks up her sleeve to help lessen the visible signs . Orobanche Rapum is one of them that offers scientifically proven opportunities for renewal.

In a 2021 study evaluating the effects that aging has on our microbiome, they recognize the beneficial role Orobanche Rapum (plus a probiotic shout-out) can play in skin health:

“Oral and topical probiotics have been proposed as a therapy for restoration of the microbiota balance, supporting skin barrier function, as well as protecting against environmental factors, especially ultraviolet radiation-induced skin damage….some probiotics help to restore the balance between free radical removal and production, which may slow aging.”

“…oral and topical compounds are being investigated to know their potential therapeutic effect on the modulation of the skin microbiome: Orobanche rapum extract stimulates skin rejuvenation and protects the cutaneous microbiota, inducing healthier skin.”


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  • Helps protect skin stem cells
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restores and enhances the skin barrier function
  • Increase ceramide content
  • Improves moisture retention of the skin


So now that we know it works, how do we benefit from it? As a newer inductee to the world of skin health, it’s not yet easy to find on shelves. You’ll find it in some of the more pioneering and advanced lines of professional skincare. Like Layers Renewing Probiotic Serum with Orobanche Rapum extract, to name our favorite. 

Sourced in southern France and well known for its antioxidant activities and biological properties, this effective extract actively protects skin stem cells and balances the microbiome. This concentrated serum combines powerful probiotics with a combination of skin-renewing plant extracts to reveal stronger, more luminous skin. Plus, it’s totally clean beauty that’s vegan and cruelty-free.

 You’ll see visible results, including:

  • A firmer, brighter complexion
  • Smoother skin
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles

 At Layers, we’re big fans of the potential of this plant. As the industry continues to discover the benefits of Orobanche Rapum, we’ll be here…patting ourselves on the back for being the beauty trendsetters that we are. But most of all, we’re excited to bring it to your attention. You can tell everyone that you knew about this magic before it was cool