How to Become a Beauty Skinimalist How to adopt a less is more approach to your skincare routine

When it comes to great skin, less is more

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You’ve probably heard about minimalism. It’s the concept of simply having less, but making each item significant, useful, and perhaps even a multi-tasker. A minimalist home design might have fewer items of decor on display, but each item has intentionality and holds significance. If you’re a fan of this uncluttered approach, it doesn’t have to stop with interior design. Minimalism is a concept that can be embraced in all aspects of your life, including your skincare routine.


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Embracing the concept of minimalism, a skinimalist is someone who opts for a less is more approach to their skincare. Rather than cluttering beauty cabinets and endlessly searching for that one cleanser you used sometime last year that’s hiding in the far reaches of your beauty supply shelf (it’s gotta be there somewhere, right?), it’s about simplicity. And with simplicity comes ease, meaning no more resurrecting products you clearly forgot about two years ago from the dark depths of your beauty drawers. 

Now, that’s a sigh of relief. 


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The primary benefit of applying fewer products to your skin is the same reason why minimalism works in design. That so-called “white space” leaves room for walls to breathe. When you’re not constantly applying more and more products, your skin spends less time adjusting to maintain balance. If you deal with oily, dry, or breakout-prone skin on a regular basis, your skin is begging you for a little breathing room. 

The last thing your skin needs is to be overwhelmed or hyper-stimulated, so the less we’re doing to it, the better. It’s more about what you can do for it. Skinimalism is adopting a skincare routine that supports the protective barrier function of the skin. And to do that, you only need a literal handful of little helpers. 


It’s not easy to put a definitive number on what belongs in every skincare lineup because everyone’s skin needs are a little different. But, there are a few basics that every microbiome craves in order to function optimally. 


  • Cleanser: Choosing the right cleanser may seem less important than the rest of your beauty staples since it comes into contact with your skin for such a short period of time. But by design, cleansers are meant to make a quick impact, however briefly they grace our skin. Ingredient concentrations can be high in order to get the job done, so a non-drying, non-irritating formula is essential. You want to clean your skin effectively and dislodge any potential pore-cloggers, but you also want your microbiome left unharmed. To achieve both, the magic words are pH balanced. Look for a cleanser that specifies a pH level of around 5.5. If a cleanser doesn’t specify, opt for milky and creamy over anything that foams.  

Must-Try: Layers Balancing Milky Cleanser is a gentle and effective creamy cleanser that washes away impurities while leaving your skin balanced and hydrated. Lactic acid keeps that pH in check and gently sloughs away dead skin cells. Prebiotic yogurt powder increases your good bacteria while decreasing the bad, leaving you with clean and balanced skin. 


  • Moisturizer: Not all moisturizers are created equal.  In fact, some might actually be drying out your skin. This is why ingredients matter. Steer clear of moisturizers containing sulfates and isopropyl alcohol, which can potentially lead to flaking and dryness. A true moisturizer will contain hydrating ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid, plus it will provide lock-in power with a type of occlusive. An occlusive is a thick substance that effectively creates a barrier to lock moisture in, providing protection from external elements that could be dehydrating.


Must-Try: Layers Immunity Moisturizer contains a nourishing blend of probiotics plus meadowfoam oil, pomegranate extract, and milk thistle. Together, these work to enhance collagen production, improve elasticity, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It plumps your skin while helping it feel softer, luminous, and supple.


  • SPF: Last, but the polar opposite of “least”, you need a good quality, broad-spectrum SPF. Your SPF is the final layer in your morning routine, which is why tinted moisturizers or foundations with high SPF are popular choices. This way, sun protection goes on with your foundational coverage rather than after. The alternative can sometimes get messy, but the long-term protective benefits are worth it so, however you choose to apply it, don’t skip that SPF! 


For the forward-thinking skinimalist, two additions will help optimize your skin renewal cycle and keep your microbiome healthy from the inside out.   

  • A leave-on AHA: Alpha hydroxy acid is a gentle exfoliator that removes dead cells to reveal fresher skin. While harsh, grainy exfoliators once had their day in the sun, science has revealed AHA’s to be a gentler, less damaging way to remove excess skin cells. The added bonus of AHA’s is their ability to promote collagen production.


Must-Try: Layers Renewing Probiotic Serum contains Lactic Acid, a gentle, everyday use AHA. This lightweight serum contains sebum-mimicking Meadowfoam Oil that delivers moisture without being occlusive. So, you can wear it under makeup without worrying about your makeup being displaced. 



  • A daily probiotic: Your best skin starts with your gut. There’s only so much topical products can do from the outside, so addressing the inside is key. To support your gut-skin axis, start taking a daily probiotic.  


Must-Try: Layers Daily Glow Probiotic Supplements contain a proprietary blend of 5 probiotics: Lactobacillus Plantarum, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Paracasei, and Bifidobacterium Longum. Together, these strains help increase skin elasticity, aid digestion, and improve the overall appearance of your skin in only 15 days. Along with powerful probiotics, each capsule contains ceramide oil extracts to help plump and hydrate skin from the inside out.  


Skinimalism comes down to product quality over quantity. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while flipping through beauty magazines and reading Instagram influencer declarations of the newest trending products to hit the shelves, then maybe it’s time for a change. After all, great products don’t fade into history, they stick around for good. (We’re talking to you, Chanel No. 5.) 


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Like good friends, we know that good science has staying power. That’s why we focus on supporting the microbiome rather than disrupting it with here today, gone tomorrow fad-type products. Probiotic skincare is here to stay, and once you discover how powerful and effective skinimalism can be, we know you’ll be giving your beauty cabinets the spring cleaning they deserve. The less time you can spend sussing out everchanging trends, the more time you have to show off that beautiful skin!