How To Layer Your Skincare in the Winter Why layering helps you reap all the skin benefits.

Not sure which skincare products to put on first? Here’s a simple guide. 

skincare layering

During the winter months, temperatures drop. So, we pull our big, warm coats out of the closet, reunite with our favorite sweaters, scarves, and mittens, and prepare to stay cozy. But short of rocking a full coverage ski mask every time we walk out the door, our faces remain exposed to the elements. 
When it’s cold outside, it comes naturally to us all that we need to cover up and protect our bodies, but we don’t often think about how to protect our exposed skin. Unfortunately, winter presents a few choice weather conditions that tend to make unprotected skin kinda grumpy. 


The winter months affect the climate around you in a few ways, all of which elicit responses from your skin. Here are a few of our biggest winter weather woes and the corresponding side effects your skin might experience:

  • The hunt for humidity: With fewer water droplets floating around in the form of humidity, the air needs to suck up moisture wherever it can find it. The human body is made of up to 60% water…so, that cold winter air taps it from human resources. Meaning, your skin. 

  • Dry air = more sebum: When dry winter air hits your skin, your microbiome naturally reacts by producing higher amounts of sebum. These are the natural oils that help keep your skin moist. But our exposure to the outdoor elements as well as indoor elements, like heating systems, set off the sebum production alarms even more. This results in clogged pores due to skin cells being pushed and stuck together with that oil. Particularly for acne sufferers, this can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. 

  • Temperature yo-yo’s: If you’re already trying to manage an existing skin condition, winter isn’t your best friend by a long stretch. The constant back and forth between the cold air outside and the heating systems we use indoors gets really confusing for our microbiome. It knows to do one thing when it’s exposed to warm air and another when it’s exposed to cold air, but we’re working it overtime with all that yo-yo behavior. So it reacts by getting frustrated (or more technically, inflamed). Eczema and psoriasis flare-ups tend to increase during the winter months for this reason.      


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Ready to step up your winter skincare routine? Well, it’s all about layering. As the foundational concept of K-Beauty, layering has been around for a long time. Skincare layering helps you reinforce the protective barrier of your skin so your microbiome can continue to do its job throughout the coldest and driest months of the year. 


Layers Balancing Milky Cleanser Swatch
  1. Moisturizing Cleanser: Especially during the winter, you want to be using a cream-based cleanser that adds moisture rather than strips it away. Our Balancing Milky Cleanser feels just as nourishing as it sounds! It gently and effectively cleanses while delivering prebiotics and probiotics to keep your skin pH balanced. 

  2. Serum: Delivers the most impactful ingredients, so it should be applied first. Our Renewing Probiotic Serum delivers potent soothing and hydrating ingredients like probiotics, nourishing plant extracts (Meadowfoam oil and Orobanche rapum), and lactic acid

  3. Moisturizer: This is the burly barrier that helps lock that sweet, sweet serum moisture in. If you use a moisturizer that contains vitamin C, like our Immunity Moisturizer, even better because you’re getting added antioxidants and brightening benefits. Our lightweight moisturizing formula mimics the consistency of your skin's natural sebum, so it doesn’t feel heavy. The addition of Milk Thistle helps calm inflamed skin, especially important during the winter.

  4. Oil: If you’re a fan of using facial oils, winter is the best time to add them to your skincare routine. Because oils are occlusive, once you apply facial oil, nothing crosses that barrier. Oils can be good for targeting dryness but should be used sparingly, and make sure you do your research on which oils might be right for you.

  5. SPF: Think sunscreen is only for summertime? Nope. Not only does the sun shine in winter, but those shimmering snowflakes reflect that light in every direction. So for the ultimate protective barrier in winter, slather on a good quality SPF before you head out the door. 


  • When layering, wait 30 seconds between layers so that each product has time to absorb into the skin.

  • If adhering to a layering list every night seems like overkill, a good rule of thumb is to start with the lightest product and end with the heaviest.

  • Shy away from alcohol-based skin care products, particularly during winter. These can irritate your skin even further. 

  • Ceramides are your ally! Adding a ceramide supplement adds moisture from the inside out. Try our Daily Glow Probiotic Supplements with Ceramoside™, a unique type of ceramides that are scientifically proven to help you retain moisture. 


Winter skin doesn’t have to be a pain. With the right layering routine in place, managing your skin health can actually be a pleasure. Layering helps you get the most benefit from each product you apply. And we know you want all of the juicy, moisturizing benefits you can get so your skin glows all year long… because we do too!